Because there isn't ever enough room!

     Digital storytelling is a process that can take you down a rabbit hole of story development, technology selection, legal considerations, and techniques that enhance your ability to produce the highest quality story regardless of the size of your organization. The toolkit in its present form is a fraction of the knowledge we will begin to accumulate together through the national learning community. The Llano Grande Center believes so strongly in collective effort that we have shared with you everything we know or have learned with others, so far, about digital storytelling for community change. We cannot wait to see what you will bring to the table and look forward to potential collaboration on change-driven storytelling.
     Below is a cross-section of material that is relevant to the digital storytelling toolkit. Browse this content as needed:

  • Appendix I: Myrta’s Story
  • Appendix II: Setting Up a Technology Infrastructure
  • Appendix III: A few words on copyright
  • Appendix IV: Sample consent forms
  • Appendix V: Sample Moment Map
  • Appendix VI: Tape log paper
  • Appendix VII: Editing & publishing in Sony Vegas